Logo Uniton

Who are we?

Since 2001, Uniton exercises its various business sectors on the European market.

Hardly of our know-how of embellishment and rich in experience of more than 20 years,we became distributor of sequins, powders of glitter and hot fix rhinestones beside our colleagues manufacturers of the textile industry, our competitors of the other corporate associations, such as the sectors : braids and cords , the painting, the resins, the creative leisure activities, the packaging, the wallpaper, the plastic, the cosmetic and the others...

This know-how is affectedly cultivated in the respect for the standards CPSIA; REACH and OEKO TEKS and to adapt it to the ceaseless excitement of the fashion and the industrial innovation.

Uniton bases on three essential and inseparable values which are the service, the respect and the commitment.

Jourdan Claude